General Scale Edit.02

Posted : 2022/5/11






“General Scale”releases new collection, Edit.02.

Three types of sneakers will go on sale on 14th May.


The “PAST” sole faithfully reproduces the look and feel of a worn-out pair of shoes.

“Revive time by recreating the beauty of a bygone era.”

The item name, “PAST,” expresses this message.


Following the white sole of Edit.01, Edit.02 will feature an updated black sole with a chic color uppers, white, black, gray, and brown.



















PAST Sole High-top Sneaker






The sole and toe cap are molded by an Italian sole master to create a sole with a unique look.

The sole and toe cap are carefully manufactured by hand in over 50 processes using latex harvested from the Para rubber tree.




















PAST Sole 6 – Hole Low-top Sneaker







“PAST” sole sneaker uses biodegradable materials for the sole and upper, as well as for all the parts that make up the sneaker, such as the interlining, dovetails, and ink material.





















PAST Sole 5 – Hole Low-top Sneaker






Discover General Scale’s world here.









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