WE WEAR “in・stru(men-tal). ” Edit.03

Posted : 2022/3/31







If “Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO,” a collection line, is a song with lyrics, “in・stru(men-tal). “is a song without lyrics.

Designer Yasuhiro Mihara’s capsule collection “in・stru(men-tal).” is a stress-free collection that strips away design and pursues fabrics, silhouettes, and comfort.


The third edition, Edit.03, adds a new colour ‘purple’ to the existing items, and new t-shirts and denim items are now available.


A stripped-down design.

Colours and fabrics accompany to the person wear them.

Individuality that can be glimpsed when we wear  “in-stru(men-tal)”.


We feature “WE WEAR “in-stru(men-tal). “sequel.





























Denim Blouson / INDIGO






Denim Pants / INDIGO





















Denim Blouson / BLACK






Denim Pants / BLACK

















Heavy Weight Hoodie / PURPLE

















Long Sleeve Oxford Shirt / PURPLE






Embroidery Tee / PURPLE






No Side Seams Easy Pants

















Cotton Jacket / PURPLE






Knit Cardigan / PURPLE










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