“FREDDIE” & “PARKER” Original Sole Sneaker New Model Vol.4

Posted : 2022/1/26






The “Original Sole Sneaker” uses the brand’s original sole, which is molded out of clay by the designer himself, Mihara.


Two new models, “FREDDIE” and “PARKER,”  from the 2022 Spring/Summer collection will be out soon.



Starting with the release of the leather series on 29th January, the new models will be available in three different upper designs, including canvas and washed canvas.


The high-top type “FREDDIE” is designed with an ankle strap for convenience in putting on and taking off the shoes, as well as stability in comfort.

The minimal high-top style creates a retro look.


The low-top “PARKER” has a sporty yet chic design.

The low-top design gives a clean impression and expands the range of your styles.




The leather series, the first of the new models to be released on 29th January, uses supple leather for the upper and comes in four chic colors: black, white, gray, and beige.























“FREDDIE” Original Sole Leather High-top Sneaker





The two-toned sole is an unprecedented design detail that expresses a sophisticated style.



















“PARKER” Original Sole Leather Low-top Sneaker



























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