“Usual” 2022 Spring/Summer Collection Vol.2

Posted : 2021/12/17







This word, which is the theme of this collection, has changed a lot before and after the COVID-19.

It changes from positive to negative on a daily basis,  no longer a concept of “everyday life”.

To put it bluntly, the “extraordinary” has come to mean the same thing as the “Usual”.

This is similar to the nature of my creations.

It is to be extraordinary on a daily basis.

Designer Mihara describes the 2022 Spring/Summer collection titled “Usual”.


The collection will go on sale on 18th December  at the official online store and the stores.


Please click here to check out the video of the collection presented in June 2021.




The items to be released this time are mainly jackets, knitwear, and hoodies you can start wearing now in the winter time.

The focus of the men’s collection is on a design technique introduced for the first time this season, in which different items are combined horizontally, like a character “L”.


Blousons and  jackets using a special technique to create a vintage look, and hoodies with hand-painted print designs will also be updated.


From the women’s collection, in addition to the oversized jacket , a long dress with a catchy dot pattern and bold fringe knitwear will be available.


In addition to cool colors such as black and military green, there are also colors such as yellow and light green that show an early approach to spring.




















Front Lace-up Military Jacket

















Wide Back Balmacaan Coat

















Twisted Military Pants

















Single Draped Check Shirt





















Distressed Hoodie



























Over Sized Wool Jacket





















Resized Tack Wool Pants




































Combined Shirt Dress













Please go here to check other new items .









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