“MORE OR LESS” 2021 Spring-Summer Collection

Posted : 2020/12/17




The Paris Fashion Week for Spring/Summer 2021 was held online due to the global spread of coronavirus infection.


『Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO』 also participated in the online format, presenting a fashion show with handmade puppet dolls and human models.

The 2021 Spring/Summer Collection became a hot topic with the appearance of cute puppet dolls.

The collection will finally go on sale from Saturday 19 December at the official online store and Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO stores.



「People desire perfection and get excited about attaining symmetry, both on the inside and in outward appearance.
The more people try to become perfect, the more uninteresting things get, and beauty is unable to be found.

I think that, to a greater or lesser degree, something that is warped and crooked is more beautiful.

An unreal world.

Fashion is after all, an unreliable thing.
My fashion philosophy.

It is that fashion is the same as comedy and a puppet show.」


The designer Yasuhiro Mihara had this to say about this collection, titled “More or Less”.



For this collection, a new “sprayed” series has been introduced.

The fabric is made using a special technique at a long-established processing plant in Kyoto, giving the items a unique texture as if they were dyed.










The docking designs that have appeared for several seasons, such as front and back docking blousons and shirts that look like two pieces of clothing overlapping each other, and left and right docking that looks like one leg has been dismantled and inserted into a pair of pants, have been further brushed up from what has been presented in the past.

















The “resizing” technique, in which large pieces are made smaller by pinching them together, was continued from the previous season, and the playful reconstructive design, in which clothes are dismantled and put back together again, or sleeves are joined together, was updated.




















The new model “BLAKEY” sneakers with the brand’s original sole are based on the design of 70’s-80’s basketball shoes.

PETERSON”, “HANK”, and “BAKER” will also be available in a variety of new upper designs.















The men’s and women’s collections will go on sale on the same day, so be sure to visit the store to check out the new items.



To see the video and all the looks from the collection, click here.

Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO 2021 Spring/Summer Collection




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