Looking for a X’mas Gift ?  Consider this Invisible Leather Goods

Posted : 2020/11/27





 The three new items from『MIHARA YASUHIRO』’s specialty leather goods “Aburi-dashi(Invisible)”  series will be available.


The new items will go on sale on Saturday, 28 November at Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO stores and official online store.


The process of making “Invisible”goods requires delicate work by a sophisticated craftsman to make small parts such as a belt buckle appear “invisible” by inserting the part inside the leather.

When the buckle inside of the leather appears after using it over many years, it will become your one and only original item, almost like an antique.


The upcoming three items are mini bag, mini wallet and key case.

All items are available in two colours, black/black and camel.






Invisible Bag Mini




The compact size mini shoulder bag combines convenience with pockets throughout.




Invisible 3 Wallet Mini



The long-awaited mini-wallet is a tri-fold.

The specification for the card compartments, making it ideal for cashless shopping.


Invisible Key Case




The key case, which can hold cards, comes with a flat strap.

You can even hang it on the belt loop of a bag or pants to carry it around like an accessory.



The new pieces of MIHARA’s iconic original technique, the “Aburi-dashi(invisible)” series, which has not appeared in a while, are unisex items and are perfect gift for Christmas !





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MIHARA YASUHIRO Official Online Store



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