Posted : 2020/10/16





『Masion MIHARA YASUHIRO 』collaborates with『MADNESS』.


Shawn Yue, the director of 『MADNESS』, established his predecessor brand “COMMON SENSE(CMSS)” in 2010.

Shawn has built relationships with various brands and people in the fashion industry and started 『MADNESS』 in 2014 to spread his belief in “MADNESS BREEDS MADNESS”.

Focusing on evoking an instinctive sense of “madness” or “insane” that everyone has, the collection is designed to maintain consistency in minimalism and focus on details and materials.

The sneakers “BAKER MM07” that adopt the original sole, a specialty of “Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO”, will appear in this first collaboration.


The sneakers will be on sale at Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO stores and official online store (domestic shipping only) from Saturday, October 31.



” BAKER MM07 “






The essence of the two brands comes together in this one-of-a-kind pair.


The upper which uses imitation suede and canvas, gives an edge to the contrast between the materials, and the texture is softened by applying a wash after sewing.


In addition, the original sole used this time, the point is that the sole is spray painted in the final process, and the wiped off to give it a vintage style with a three-dimensional feeling.



The design is unique to this collaboration, including a pis name of the upper and a paper tag of the tan, and the logo placed on the insole.











The collaboration will be followed by three rounds of footwear, so don’t miss out on upcoming releases.



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