My Foot Products Exclusive “Embroidery Brogue Sneaker”

Posted : 2020/10/2




The『My Foot Products』mystery concept shop featuring the original character “Mr. Unable to Tie His Shoelaces” will launch a new sneaker.

The new sneaker will be released at the My Foot Products shop and MIHARA YASUHIRO official online store on Saturday 3 October.


This new sneaker features an “Embroidery Brogue” .

“Brogue” is a decoration design technique that lines up small and big holes, and is usually seen on leather dress shoes.


This design was originally started in Scotland to dissipate damp air and muddy water from the shoe.

To prevent water from seeping into the shoe even when walking in the rain, the toes are covered with a double layer of leather, and small holes are made to allow water droplets to fall off easily, which prevents water from spreading to the surface of the leather and increases the breathability of the leather interior.

Conceived purely for waterproofing purposes, the design later made its way to England, where shoemakers began to drill holes in the design and established it as a decorative technique.


It is said that English gentlemen of the time carved their initials on medallions to compete for position.


This time, such a perforated decoration is boldly placed on canvas sneakers.



 Original Sole Embroidery Brogue Low Cut Sneaker





Original Sole Embroidery Brogue High Cut Sneaker




It’s kind of strange to think about the origin of the design, but it’s a unique sneaker that takes a design that was originally used for leather shoes.


They are monochromatic, not too assertive and not overly decorative.

These adult sneakers can be worn casually or a dress style with jackets.


It will only available at our store which is only open two days a week, and on the official online store.

If you’re interested, contact us as soon as possible to secure a pair !




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