“Broken” ~ Featuring Design Series from 2020-21AW Collection ~

Posted : 2020/9/4




September has just begun and it finally feels like Autumn has arrived.

This time we introduce “Broken” series from our 2020-21 Autumn/Winter collection.


The “Broken” design uses a fraying technique as you can see on these shirts, jackets and pants.

The items are not frayed for no reason.

It requires a lot of skill and attention to detail to make each individual item.

And, because this technique uses multiple layers you can enjoy a sophisticated fusion of different patterns, colors and fabrics.











Broken Layer Shirt















Broken Layer Denim Blouson








Broken MA-1













Layer Docking Denim Pants











Layer Denim Skirt




















『 We live in a distorted daily life and I am struggling with this distortion.  It’s not “normal”, in a way its abnormal. 』




Wear these broken garments and perhaps you can hear the words of the designer YASUHIRO MIHARA ?