FILA x Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO Collaborations #Empowered by elegance#

Posted : 2020/7/7





We are happy to announce that  『FILA x Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO』, brandnew collaborations with Italian high fashion sportswear brand 『FILA 』will be launched on 10th July.

It will be released at Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO flagship stores in Japan and FILA stores in China,Hong Kong,Macau and Singapore.


The 100 year classic sports brand 『FILA』.

The worldwide well known tennis sportswear brand changed the stereotyped impression of tennis sportswear by presenting the stripe and grid elements with the classic white-red-blue color combination.

The design in this collaboration is based on traditional tennis grid and MIHARA’s design tone with the LOGO and checkered elements of FILA.





As for material, through continual use of FILA’s classic apparel technology, adoption of innovative sportswear fabric and consideration of comfort level and texture, the diversity and practical wearability of daily looks are ensured.









In addition to apparel, we will release the sneakers in this collaboration.

Choosing as the prototype of for transformation, a classic shoe style of FILA “T1”, and created a symbolic and unique LEGO sole, in which the granulation inspiration comes from the previous jogging and integrated training shoes.











『FILA x Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO』 not only brings a brandnew collision between the classic and the future, but pay tribute to tennis legends and art fashion.

FILA and MIHARA hope to pay tribute to the legendary brand classic through these collaborations, jointly drive the fashion-orientation of sportswear and build the beauty of high sports fashion, and pass on to consumers a life attitude of confidence, bravery and ever-lasting zeal towards nice things.



Please contact our stores for the product details.


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