Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO 2020-21AW “Original Sole Sneaker Collection”

Posted : 2020/6/25

The “Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO” original sole sneakers have been popular not only in Japan but also internationally from their release in Spring/Summer 2018.

As the name suggests, the sneakers use original soles created by our designer MIHARA modeled by hand using clay.

A long awaited, 2020-21 Autumn/Winter sneaker collection has released in the end of June.

This time, the collection features a lot of variety.

Various sneakers specialized in the colors and design details will be available.



Here you can see a lot of sneakers displayed in our show room.

It’s really exciting to think about which one to buy while looking at them !




We introduce the MUST BUY new sneakers here as there are so many of them to choose the one for you.



This is the one which stole everyone’s attention at the runway show in Paris earlier, Holstein Print.


Original Sole Canvas Holstein Printed Low Cut Sneaker




Original Sole Canvas Holstein Printed High Top Sneaker




There is no doubt that If you make styling with the same patterned wear, you would become classy fashion icon.





Popular among Mihara Staffs, New design sneaker.


Original Sole Canvas Low Cut Sneaker




Original Sole Cow Leather High Top Sneaker








From white and black colored canvas/leather basic to over dyed technique, there appear various fabrics and colors with the same design.





Original Sole Canvas Over Dye Low Cut Sneaker




Original Sole Canvas Over Dye High Top Sneaker






It came to sold out online just a day after its releasing, over dyed multi color sneaker.




Original Sole Over Dyed Low Cut Sneaker




Perhaps, it will be restocked in coming few weeks?

We also have the one releasing with same design but different color and shape.




Original Sole Canvas Over Dyed Low Cut Sneaker






It’s been only a week since our first release for the 2020-21 Autumn/Winter sneaker collection.

We did’t introduce all of it here so visit our online store and don’t miss the updates !

The all sneakers will be in stock by the end of July.


Did you know?

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