“INVISIBLE Leather Goods” MIHARA YASUHIRO’s Iconic Technique

Posted : 2020/6/15

『MIHARA YASUHIRO』’s special “invisible” technique.

We have released various “invisible” items such as leather goods such as wallets and shoes.

Those items have been loved by a lot of our customers since the brand was first launched.





Father’s Day is coming soon!

It comes every year and of course, you never forget to express your gratitude, but question is … what gift will you give your Father this year?

Here, we introduce our beautiful “invisible” items for your Father’s Day gift ideas.

Invisible Long Wallet


Invisible Wallet


Invisible Card Case


Invisible Studs Long Wallet


Invisible Studs Wallet



By the way, do you know how these “invisible” items are made?

As the product name suggests, those items are made with the design something invisible.

The name of the technique in Japanese is “Aburidashi”. Some people may imagine it has something to do with the use of fire, however it refers to the technique used to make invisible ink that reveals what is written when heated.

The process requires delicate work by a sophisticated craftsman to make small parts such as a belt buckle appear “invisible” by inserting the part inside the leather.

Through this process, the shape of the part inserted, in this case the buckle, becomes embossed on the surface of the leather item.

There are two main approaches to tanning leather, either by a process known as “chrome tanning” or by “vegetable tanning”. We use the latter for our leather goods which is more time-consuming but produces a higher quality product.

The beauty of using vegetable tanning is that the more you use the product over time, the more you can enjoy the leather as it ages.

When the buckle inside of the leather appears after using it over many years, it will become your one and only original item, almost like an antique.





With the support of our shoe master who has been supporting us since the launch of the brand, we would like to show you a part of the manufacturing process for the shoelaces on one of our “invisible” leather shoes.





Unfortunately, this shoe is not available online, however there are a range of other dress shoes available.

Invisible Oxford



A gift-wrapping service is available until Father’s Day on 21 June 2020.

*Please send us a message using the ‘contact us’ link on our website if you would like your gift to be wrapped.