”Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO 2020-21AW MEN’S COLLECTION 『#Untitled』”   To Release on June 20

Posted : 2020/6/21




The “Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO 2020-21 Autumn/Winter MEN’S COLLECTION” is now available online and in our Japan stores.


A paradox is inherent in creation.  In this case, when thinking about fashion, I ask myself what the essence of being a human really is – this is a great passion of mine.  We live in a distorted daily life and I am struggling with this distortion.  It’s not “normal”, in a way its abnormal.』



Under the theme “#Untitled”, the 2020-21AW Men’s collection uses a pattern that combines two items of clothing so that they meld together to become one.  The collection also includes MIHARA YASUHIRO’s deconstructionist ideas.







The items are made with MIHARA YASUHIRO’s original fabric such as shrunk material and eye-catching holstein pattern print.





While emphasizing warm colors such as beige and brown like autumn and winter colors, the collection also uses fascinating colors such as purple in various tones and black that has been bleached to orange.


Here, we introduce a part of the collection available online now which you can start wearing now for summer.


Holstein Printed Jacket





Holstein Printed Shirt




Holstein Printed Pants




Untitled Printed T-shirt




Foods Printed T-shirt



Necklace T-shirt





Broken Docking Denim Pants





Left Docking Denim Pants





Left Docking Shirt



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